Monday, August 23, 2004

Suggestions, suggestions...

It's my parent's 28th wedding anniversary tomorrow, and they're not celebrating.
You see, we're having our roof repaired right now and it's taken most of their cash, and now they can't go out. My mom told me they were supposed to go for an overnight stay at the Westin Philippine Plaza, but now they've had to scrap that idea.

I won't be having cash until next week, but I have thought of giving them:

A. an overnight voucher at the Westin or some other place nearby when my salary comes in. With free condoms.
B. a box of Gonuts Donuts?
C. Mom: jewelry. Tay: A new wallet.
D. Mom: beauty essentials. Tay: A new, erm, wallet?
E. Some snazzy poetry, courtesy of moi.

Please have better suggestions for me, before I start pulling my hair out of its roots.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

zee rocks: my parents are celebrating their 25th this year and insisting that we plan 'something'. we proposed to just celebrate the 30th year so we have 5 years in advance to plan hehehe... >:) we're evil kids...

5:42 PM  

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