Thursday, September 02, 2004

Goodbye to you.

I used to look forward to six am during the weekdays. That's the time when Vito and Mylinda, 103.5 Klite's famous duo of The Morning Brew, would make their appearance, laughing, full of vigor, and ready to wake me up with their kooky humor and useless trivia.

I first started listening almost three years ago, when (forgive me for using aesthetics of the voice) I heard how good Vito and Mylinda sounded together. Their voices were a natural, and me being a sucker for natural voices, I listened. And got hooked.

I lived for the Daily Dish (closet gossip), Vito's double-entendre "What Am I?" game played with both Mylinda and Tori, reporter, Tuesday playlist themes (songs you'll never play on your wedding day, songs with long guitar intros, songs perfect for prom night) , Wednesday CD Archive, and of course, Friday CD Giveaway (which despite countless tries, I still hadn't won).

This Tuesday, Vito and Mylinda quietly signed off The Morning Brew. No fanfare, no lush ceremony.

All good things must come to an end, they say. But I wish this one didn't.


Blogger angel said...

I used to be addicted to "Radio Tabloid" at Magic 89.9 too and later on, they reformatted the station and the program was turned into a morning show they called "The Morning Zoo Crew". The latter lost a lot of the former's luster. Before I'd stay up even up to 2am just so that I could catch the whole show, Radio Tabloid, but when they had it changed to the morning time slot, they lost the novelty. And I had since then stopped bothering to hear them. Anyway sarah, thanks for the kind words at my comment box. Means so much. *hugs*

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