Friday, October 15, 2004

Diary of an Idiot.

'Awake! Awake!' trilled the birds, 'wipe that yawn upon your face!'
No sooner did I opened eyes, did not a minor headache make,
gesticulating to progenitor,
(stealthily wandered to second floor)
'Shut the lights! Shut the door!'

Made ready for the day ahead, excited to meet college friend,
first day of job at same company, delighted as a bumblebee.
'*Arrivaderci! Arrivaderci!'
Cried I to all in home,
Rushed out the door, then was floored,
By the text of the progenitor.

'Sweetie drop off the books at the office', read the blinking reminder,
Saying inwardly, 'Yes Mother!', I then followed order.
And so the plastic would not hold; to the plastics cabinet did I go,
(Books were already sliding through; scratches in plastic did accrue)

And through all this, the mobile where?
Placed upon the table there,
Rushed enough, as it were,
Blinking mobile left unaware.

Standard bus loomed as I found out, alas for me as I had no clout,
To make driver wait and rush back to the house,
To claim cursed mobile and rush back out.

And now the end, if one may ask?

Meeting up with a friend, if I still can, phoneless idiot that I am.

*Goodbye in Italian.
**My thanks to Kris for the inspiration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that's funnier!---->krisco

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha that's cool!
- Chette

3:38 AM  

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