Thursday, October 07, 2004

Perspectives in World, part one.

Each of us have our own unique points that we bring to others. Some, we bring unintentionally, and at other times, we hammer down our points home. (don't bother arguing; it's inherent.)

Let's say, for example, the place we live in. I live in Pasay City, right next to NAIA. It's literally close enough for my dad to walk home when he comes from international flights. What I get from most of my friends is commiseration, thinking of the airplane noise. It must be pretty noisy over at your place, they say sympathetically.

Last Monday, two of my friends from the North (Quezon City area) offered to drive me home from Makati. When I gave them directions, they both got excited. "Sa airport tayo pupunta? Ang saya!" Amused, I let them talk.

"Kasi kami sa QC, madalang lang kami nakakapuntang airport," Patrick explained. "Pero masaya yung feeling kapag pupunta kami kasi it's either na may susunduin kami or we see someone off at the airport."

Clarice was just excited. "Shucks, pupunta tayo sa airport! Sana makaalis din tayo no? Sana derederecho na!"

Call it a mini-epiphany, if you will. But driving home with two friends who were excited at taking the bridge to the old NAIA and passing through the arrival lane made me rethink my dusty position. Airports have an irresistible allure. Who was I to take that for granted? The dream of foreign lands is an idea as old as time.

It's incredibly easy to stick to what we believe in. But we owe it to ourselves to go beyond our paradigm and find out what makes others tick.