Sunday, October 10, 2004

Shyster Attacks!


I missed the first US presidential debate, and I made sure that I wouldn't miss the second one.
But I woke up late today, and missed the first half (which, I heard from CNN analysts and observers, was quite spirited).

Kerry, as usual, was in fine form, sounding smooth and polished, and Bush made up for his dismal performance in the first debate, by sticking to his basic platform and putting Kerry on the defensive. The format of the second debate allowed the two candidates to walk around as they gave their answers, which suited them both.

So, you ask, what is Bush's basic platform?

Putting Kerry on the defensive. Not that it's such a dastardly thing in politics ( it's politics, for crying out loud). No holds barred, and all skeletons in the closet are revealed. Bush has added a new word to the average American vocabulary: flip-flopping.

Of course, he's still got his pet issues - homeland security, domestic economy, stem cell research, abortion - but like Chris says, this is so much funner!

Kerry's basic platform is simple: He will lead this country better than Bush. It's time for a change, and what better change than him? He will be a president who will vouch for all of the people, not just the top two percent in the upper bracket. At least, that's what he says.

Topics they talked about were:

On Iraq:
Bush pointed out that Kerry voted for America to go to war with Iraq, and yet to this day he condemns the way things are right now in Iraq. Kerry came back with the argument that yes, he voted for the war, but he does not like how the US had rushed into war.

On jobs:
Kerry claimed that under the Bush administration, 1.6 million jobs were lost. Bush countered that when he became president, the US had already entered into a recession. And he was able to stop the recession quickly, one of the quickest recessions in US history.

On homeland security:
Bush stated that the Patriot Act does not infringe any citizen's constitutional rights. In part, he created the Act so that different agencies could spread and share information about possible terrorists. Kerry replied that these very men are investigating people who have had no history of terrorism and show no inclination towards becoming terrorists. They're even in church meetings, he says.

Dubious claims, misrepresented quotes, and inflated figures dominated this debate. Fortunately, websites like are there to help sort out the truth from opinion when politicians make their statements. And there, I found out that
I'm looking forward to the third and last debate.


Shiro's Quote of the Day for October 8: "I met Sarah, and the earth shook."