Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dolphins, and not dogs.

According to a report in TheGuardian, dolphins can now take the place of dogs when it comes to being man's best friend. It emerged yesterday that four swimmers were saved from a great white shark by a pod of altruistic dolphins, who swam in circles around them until the humans could escape.

Rob Howes, swimming with his daughter Niccy and her friends, was suddenly surrounded by a group of bottle-nosed dolphins that herded and pushed them by enclosing them in tight circles. He tried to get out, but was stopped by two of the bigger dolphins. Then he spotted a great white shark heading towards their circle.

For the next forty minutes, the dolphins surrounded the group until the shark lost interest and went away.

Amazing, isn't it? To even read about it is particularly insightful, given that humans kill other humans, and humans kill dolphins, and that these dolphins had made it their goal for forty minutes to protect Howes and his group and sheperd them to safety.

Of course, the dolphins could have been entirely made up. New Zealand people, known for migrating to other countries and getting higher salaries and making a fuss over almost-natives who place high in big American singing contests, probably needed some good news, because the whole country is in a rut.

Who knows?


Blogger jillsabs said...

new zealand is in a rut?

it used to be my favorite country for a while (mostly because i was astounded with the sheep to humans ratio) and when LOTR was filmed there it placed all the more in my "list of places to visit".

maybe i should google new zealand and find out about what's plaguing them for myself

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