Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Problem from Hell, and a Picture of Heaven.

Random thoughts:
  • There goes a popular question in philosophy, where a professor asks if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to see it fall. Would it still make a sound? Ergo...
  • While our company spent four lovely days in the island of Boracay, strong rains and winds were battering the northern province of Quezon.
  • The best book to bring along on a small plane flying in bad weather is Samantha Power's Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide. The murders described there are so gruesome, it'll take your mind off plane crash percentages.
  • Even if you put your plane ticket in your shirt pocket on the way to the banca, a huge wave will hit you from behind and wet it (and you) anyway.
  • Bringing small pieces of bread while going snorkeling will make the fishes gravitate towards you. They'll nip at your fingers.
  • Your beach flip-flops will break at the last conceivable moment; that is, on your last day in Boracay.
  • Vodka Ice is actually pretty darned good.
  • 1-2-3 Pass is fun to play. Loser drinks half a bottle of beer.
  • Cartwheeling in the sand makes you feel like a kid again.
  • The famous Banana Choco Peanut shake of Jonah's lives up to its reputation. It's well worth the sacrifice of walking from Station 2 to Station 1 in the hot, baking sun. (That's also a good way to tan, by the way.)
  • There's a lot of dog poo at the beach.
  • Counter-Strike is a good way to let your fellow colleagues and bosses wallop you, badly.
  • Fire-dancing is easy to look at, but hard to do at first.
  • Cute guys will come up to you outside D'Mall and invite you to play beach volleyball.
  • Beach volleyball rocks!
  • Dancing + large quantities of alcohol will make people dance the night away, with sensuous abandonment, all accompanied with the flashing of the camera and the laughter of your colleagues.
  • Men who fly in business attire will be seen walking on the beach, wearing passable beach clothes.
  • Kiteboarding looks to be the ultimate high!
  • Shopping for souvenirs is time-consuming and exciting, all at the same time.
  • The crowd at Cocomanga's looks a bit scary.
  • It is entirely possible to make up a company soap opera/teleserye, even at the buffet table set in front of the beach.
  • Le Soleil de Boracay staff are staff par excellence. The place ain't too shabby itself.
  • Beach beds are cool ideas.
  • Crepes St. Michael are delicious. Thanks A!
  • Swimming in your clothes is presposterous, but nonetheless very liberating.
  • Flying through clouds on the return flight home is scary. N doesn't like flying either; you take what comforts you can.
To N, R, A, and D, thanks for providing a wonderful four days! You guys rock.