Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Angels, and Devils.

Every little bit of knowledge helps.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald on January 3 tells of a story of how one little girl saved hundreds of lives in Maikhao Beach in Thailand, minutes before the tsunami reached inland.

Tilly, who was on holiday with her parents in Phuket, was able to understand what was taking place when the tide went out from the beach. She alerted her mother, who then promptly spread the news to the people on the beach and a neighboring hotel, "thus saving hundreds of people from death and injury."

Tilly was quoted by The Sun, a daily tabloid in Britain, that "Last term [geography teacher Andrew] Kearney taught us about earthquakes and how they can cause tsunamis."

Kearney laster told the tabloid he had explained to his class that there was about 10 minutes from the moment the ocean draws out until the tsunami strikes.

Nobody on Maikhao Beach was seriously injured due to her quick recognition.

...And choices are hard to make.

Jillian Searle and her family were having breakfast poolside at the Holiday Inn in Phuket, Thailand when the tsunami struck. She grabbed Blake, her 20-month old son, and Lachie, her five-year old, and held on to them tight as waves washed over.

In this CNN article, Jillian recounted that "I had both of them in my hands -- one in each arm -- and we started going under."

"I knew I had to let go of one of them, and I just thought I'd better let go of the one that's the oldest."

Eventually, she did let go.

And most fortunately, she was able to get her son back.

"They found Lachie two hours later in a flooded room. The boy had mud marks up to his ears. Lachie told his parents that he'd dog paddled as fast as he could, then caught hold of a door handle and held on as water rushed passed him."

For all the victims, you have my deepest anger at having been put in a reversible position.