Friday, January 07, 2005

Me Missions.

This year, I want to accomplish several goals - to help other people and to broaden my seemingly narrow perspective of life.

That's why I've decided to open the floor to several suggestions from you guys (meaning those people on the left side of the page).

1. Go to Infanta, Quezon on an aid mission and give out old clothes and books.
2. Plant trees.
3. Visit orphanages and give out milk, noodles, baby clothes, the like.
4. Attend a talk of wealthy business people.
5. Attend a talk given by leftists in the academe.
6. Attend a talk about media under fire.
7. Sneak inside a UP journalism lecture.
8. Learn a native dance.

That sort of thing.

I will welcome all sorts of suggestions, really. I'm running out of ideas now and will sincerely appreciate any kind of assistance.

I'll post all your suggestions in another entry, and then, maybe, I can choose from there.

My thanks in advance. =)