Thursday, February 24, 2005

To the greatest people in the world...

my friends.

Some of whom who have been feeling uncommonly down and frustrated and confused about life's directions and their goals pursuant to that. Me included.

So here's my cheers to my friends, whether they be happy, sad, ecstatic, or tragic. They form a huge part of my existence.

Korny, you have never ceased to amaze me with your passion and zest for life. I just want you to know that you're incredibly unique and sparkly and zingy and sugar and spice and everything in between. You're the best Korny in the whoooooole wiiiiiiide woooooorld!

Deej, you definitely love to live. You're an adventure in itself! No one in their right mind would ever feel bored with you around. Writing has been in your blood for the longes time* and I doubt if it would ever get out. Keep the music playing, dietitician**! Superb doesn't even begin to describe you.

Krissie, laughing is always an option when I'm with you. You aren't even in the middle of your life and already you've accomplished so many things, with two rings besides. Shouldn't we be singing and ducking from Sir Boy's Sprite can?

Moyk, you continue to inspire a lot of younger people who look up to you. So who cares if we tease you about being stiff and formal? Who cares that you show up late to almost every appointment? Who cares you actually wore pink last night? You and I will continue to spar, my friend. You are a shining star. And when you actually make kurakot, don't forget us.

Z, with your loving acceptance of everyone, including their quirks, you're the bomb. And you're pretty hot too. I've learned not to be so judgmental, thanks to you, and I've looked at the other paradigms people hold. My shortcomings and flaws are risen to heights of superstardom because of your laughter. Bracelets should never be mistaken as hair ties and daughters should never bring their mothers to watch Y Tu Mama Tambien.

To be continued!

*It was the fault of the keyboard.
**I still maintain that it was the fault of the keyboard.


Blogger supercuracha said...

Sarah, *hug* with or without rings, you have just made my day. love ya, kid!

11:16 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

*hugs back kristine*

you have a great day! =)

11:31 AM  

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