Sunday, February 13, 2005

Vignette #2.

Who: The Mother and I.
What: Genes, intelligence, and stupid men.
Where: Ayala, en route home
When: 12:45 am Saturday, February 12.

"Mom, I once read that children inherit their intelligence from the mother. Is that true?"
"Oh yes! Around 70 percent, if I'm not mistaken."
The road to the airport is smooth and serene at this time of the morning.
"So, it doesn't matter if I marry a smart man, right? I could just as well settle for a stupid guy and not worry about having stupid kids."
Laughter ensues.
"Then marry a handsome but stupid man, then."
"Oh, right, right. If I've got to marry, it might as well be for his looks. That way I can have smart and beautiful children."
Laughter is merry, all the way home.