Monday, February 21, 2005

Vignette #3.

Who: Me, The Father, and The Sister-Brat
What: Family Fun Day, Victory Christian School
Where: Valle Verde II basketball court; Market! Market!
When: A starving 2.00 pm or thereabouts, February 19.

"Wow, you guys are overall champions! And your group won the first place medal for board games at your Sportsfest two weeks ago! Galing ng baby ko ah."
Three stomachs deign to rumble in reply.
"Where do you want to eat, babe?"
The walk to the car is slow and ponderous.
"Chowking!" The Sister-Brat is hungry. The Father is thoughtful. The car is hot.
We get in anyway.
"You know, there's a Chowking at Blue Wave. Why don't we go there? It's nearer anyway."
"Anak, I'm already hungry. Anyplace nearer?"
"Market! Market! We're already on C5 anyway."
"Alright already!"

Chowking is exchanged for McDonald's, and six barbecue sticks are consumed by The Father and The Other Daughter that were bought at that delicious barbecue stand at the open air area.

Hunger does that to you.