Saturday, April 23, 2005

Better days.

editorial photo!
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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the 2002-2003 Editorial Board of The LaSallian.

A laugh out loud picture, if you will, for the 2004 Green and White Yearbook. When we were so crazy so as to actually touch Je (the ecstatic center of attention and erstwhile Sports Ed) in his, erm, chest area (and other parts we daren't mention).

Mon (our modelicious swimmer, resident Crush ng Bayan, and Art & Graphics Ed) is the guy whose hands are touching Je just below the nipple area. If I'm not mistaken, it's Mike (our prodigious University Ed) who is actually touching one of Je's nipples. All the other hands are for show only. Mike is to Je's right.

Kwa (erstwhile Sports Ed; long story) is waving his hands in the air, standing to Mon's left, while Chris (our Managing Ed) does a halfhearted wave right beside Mike, but gives a cross between a smile and a smirk in the process.

For some reason, it's the guys who want to be near Je.

Michelle (Office Manager), is standing to Kwa's left. She joins in on the guys' fun with a wave of her own.

Tish (le Jungle Queen; Menagerie Ed) isn't sure whether she wants to touch Je or not, though her hand is captured midway in descent. She's in front of Michelle.

Djong (our stylin' Associate Ed) makes her intentions clear with the direction her hand is taking. She's partially covered by Chab (Circulations), natty in her brown business jacket and denim jeans. Chab is reaching out to touch the least-threatening part of Je's lovely, lovely body.

I am clinging on to Je for dear life, with tousled hair, rolled up trousers, and high heels to boot. I don't know why I am in this position.

Clar (erstwhile Photo Ed), is right to express her shock at our posing. She makes sure not to touch any of the tainted people in the photo, the weirdos.

Crazy ass people. I miss them already.