Monday, April 18, 2005

How fat is your city?

I tend to never believe surveys published in 'leading' newspapers and magazines, because I think the bigger picture is what they don't represent. Or they skew their findings to fit their conclusions. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm breaking tradition with this one post on America's Fattest Cities, a survey annually done by Men's Fitness magazine. Every year since 2000, they've covered America's 50 largest cities, with categories ranging from climate to commute to geography to fitness habits and yes, the number of donut shops within a certain city (I'm afraid Fort Worth in Texas is the dubious title-holder of this).

Writer Keith Griffiths asked, "Is fitness a matter of attitude, or a matter of address?" That was what he and his team at Men's Fitness magazine set to find out. Their research is now published every year, complete with short commentaries on the results.

For this year, America's Top 5 Fattest Cities are:

1. Houston*
2. Philadelphia
3. Detroit
4. Memphis
5. Chicago

Just so you know, the sixth fattest city is Dallas. And the tenth fattest city is San Antonio, and the eleventh fattest city is El Paso. Plus, Fort Worth is the fourteenth fattest city. Are you noticing a trend? Everything is definitely bigger in Texas.

If there are fat cities, then there are also fit cities. Here are America's Top 5 Fittest Cities:

1. Seattle
2. Honolulu
3. Colorado Springs
4. San Francisco
5. Denver

Seattle is a beautiful, beautiful place. If there was one city I would gladly visit in America, it would be this one. Gorgeous geography! Water and mountains - a tough combination to beat when it comes to walking trails and water sports.

I would also like to point out that two cities in Texas are also in the top 25 fittest cities: Austin, the state capital, and Arlington, my old hometown.

Forget about Austin; I'm going to concentrate on Arlington. According to the results, it's The Most Improved City (woohoo!) and also The City with the Most Free Time (relatively hassle-free commute.). Men's Fitness reports that it also has the seventh-fewest bars and taverns in the survey, the lowest ratio in Texas. It'd probably be a novelty to find someone wasted. Or maybe they hide it all too well.

Last year, Arlington was America's eighth fattest city. That's a definite leap of improvement right there.

Oh Hollywood, where art thou? Arlingtonians can kick ass.

*for the rest of the rankings, go here


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must be all the big, nice, and juicy beef.

parang ang panget pakinggan.

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just for my daily quota: APPLY KA NA SA NEWSBREAK! :)

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