Monday, May 30, 2005

Word up.

Mediocre isn't a word that in most normal people's vocabulary, but when push comes to shove, most of them would opt to be average.

In grade five, "mediocre" was one of the words on our spelling list. Unfortunately, our teacher mispronounced the word as "mejoker" instead of "mi-di-o-ker" (bear with the example), a ironic twist of fate that my grade five mind couldn't understand.

In some instances, "mediocre" means "below average", but in the context of most conversations I hear, it seems that they are one and the same. In a slow and steady adjustment, average now isn't good enough. Our ears are fine-tuned; would you rather be called "mediocre" or "average"? Would that reality show be a bigger hit if it was called "Mediocre Joes"? You choose.

Our vocabulary plays a special part in how we treat people and how we want people to treat us. Why settle for "windy" when you can say "blustery"? Why write "It was boring" when you can write "Nothing of significance swept into our lives that day"? Why write "cranky" when you can go with "crotchety"?

Why write "average" when you can go with "mediocre"?

But when it comes to personal description, the words are reversed, because each word brings with it certain beliefs, certain actions. "Average" is a nice, comfortable place to be in, but not "mediocre".

It's funny how we mask so many parts of our lives using euphemisms, half-hoping that our friends hear our silent cry, and half-hoping that they don't.

Words. They're so sharp, they can cut you.


Blogger Shiro said...

scary is the person who can use words like weapons.

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