Sunday, October 02, 2005

Vignettte #5.

Who: Me, The Father
What: Nothing in particular
Where: Snarfing Baguio goodies on the kitchen table
When: 5:30 pm, October 1

A general discussion of many things. Then The Father leans in for a semi-shocker.
"I might be going back to Church X."
I look back placidly.
"Part-time. They really need help right now; members are leaving. I can't turn my back on them now."
I still say nothing.
"Every time I preach there, I don't notice the absence of people, so I guess they only come when I'm there."
The Father leans in for the shocker.
"Do I have your blessing?"
I look back at The Father and gather my messy thoughts.
"As long as you don't drag me there kicking and screaming."
The Father considers for a moment.
"Maybe kicking, but not screaming."

Out of the many reasons why I love The Father, this is probably one of the best.