Friday, November 11, 2005

British Humor, part II.

I swear, I get the craziest things off Sarah's blog.

state mottoes

Alabama - yes, we have electricity
Alaska - 11,623 eskimos can't be wrong
Arizona - but it's a dry heat
Arkansas - litterasy ain't everythang
California - our women have more plastic than your Honda
Colorado - if you don't ski, don't bother
Connecticut - like Massachusetts, only the Kennedys don't own it yet
Delaware - we really do like the chemicals in our water
Florida - ask us about our grandkids
Georgia - we put the fun in fundamentalist extremism
Hawaii - haka tiki mou sha'ami leeki toru (death to mainland scum but leave your money)
Idaho - more than just potatoes... well ok, we're not but the potatoes are real good.
Illinois - please don't pronounce the "s"
Indiana - 2 billion years tidal wave free
Iowa - we do amazing things with corn
Kansas - first of the rectangle states
Kentucky - five million people, fifteen last names
Louisiana - we're not all drunk cajun wackos, but thats our tourism campaign
Maine - we're really cold but we have cheap lobster
Maryland - if you can dream it, we can tax it
Massachusetts - our taxes are lower than Swedens (for most tax brackets)
Michigan - first line of defense from the Canadians
Minnesota - 10,000 lakes and 10,000,000 mosquitos
Mississippi - come feel better about your own state
Missouri - your federal flood relief tax dollars at work
Montana - land of the big sky, the unabomber, right wing crazies, and very little else
Nebraska - ask about our state motto contest
Nevada - whores and poker
New Hampshire - go away and leave us alone
New Jersey - you want a $##*&^ motto? i got your $##*&^ motto right here
New Mexico - lizards make excellent pets
New York - you have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney
North Carolina - tobacco is a vegetable
North Dakota - we really are one of the fifty states
Ohio - at least we're not Michigan
Oklahoma - like the play, only no singing
Oregon - spotted owl... it's what's for dinner
Pennsylvania - cook with coal
Rhode Island - we're not really an island
South Carolina - remember the civil war? we didn't actually surrender
South Dakota - closer than North Dakota
Tennessee - the educashun state
Texas - si, hablo inglis (yes, i speak English)
Utah - our Jesus is better than your Jesus
Vermont - yep
Virginia - who says government stiffs and slackjaw yokels don't mix?
Washington - help! we're overrun by nerds and slackers
Washington DC - hey ~ wanna be mayor?
West Virginia - one big happy family... really
Wisconsin - come cut the cheese
Wyoming - where men are men... and the sheep are sacred!

Some favorites: Oklahoma, Michigan, New Jersey, California, and Kentucky.


Blogger jillsabs said...

yeah, California rocks :p

but i like Idaho too. potatos are really the first thing that pop into mind when i think of idaho.

and chicken with kentucky.

7:43 AM  
Blogger sarah said...


yeah, kentucky also reminds me of chicken, haha. =P

12:16 PM  

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