Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Time to get Nekkid...err...Naked.


The voices you hear now – when you turn a dial, open a newspaper, or even look out your window – belong to mass media. A media who’s very good at telling us what your problems are. But lousy at telling us what their problems are.

You have news outlets blindly follow talking points set out by the political interest who’s paying for the evening cocktails. A few reporters – more than we’re comfortable with – are too lazy to research or follow up their stories. And many news outlets willingly downplay stories because they hurt major advertisers.

On the lighter side, TV writers are out of ideas. Movie producers are out of money. And viewers are out of luck, as we’re force-fed the crass, noisy, and ultimately nutrient-free pap that passes for the Pinoy entertainment industry.

That’s just a short run-down of some of Philippine mass media’s problems. But where can you find a media practitioner willing to commit professional suicide and start writing about it? Someone should. And – in a fit of combined righteous anger, patriotism, self-delusion and hubris – we decided that it should be us. Hahaha.

Mind you, we’re not here to lecture anyone. We’re not here to threaten. We’re just here to provide a counterpoint to the mass media noise that (more often than not) is often just an extension of vested interests. We’re just here to have fun at the expense of a media empire that’s gotten too loud, too arrogant, too used to power. If anybody learns anything, consider it a bonus.

It’s like a fairy tale, with a twist: we’ll put the moral at the beginning of the story – “The Media Emperor has no clothes!” And only then, do we begin our story.

Once upon a time…

Barenaked Media


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we should do a one-on-one on this. ;)

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