Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vignette # Oh, I forget already.

This one's for you, Jon.

Who: Coworker and I
What: Dinner
Where: Elevator, anonymous Makati building
When: Approximately 7 pm

When Coworker and I stepped into an elevator getting ready to scrounge for food, we found that we were an all-female group. Aside from a couple of office workers, a pregnant lady and her friend were talking. We never took notice of what they were talking about until...

*Pregnant Lady Friend (PLF): May panty ka? May panty ka? (Do you have a panty? Do you have a panty?)
Pregnant Lady (PL): Mumbled reply.
PLF: Ah, so may panty ka nga? Eh **pantilet? (Ah, so you do have a panty? What about a pantilet?)

At this point Coworker and I were looking at everywhere but each other.

PL: ...masikip kasi... ('s tight...)
PLF: Ah, kumikiskis talaga yan! Lagyan mo ng baby oil. (Ah, that really chafes. Put some baby oil on it.)

After a moment the elevator doors opened onto the ground floor and Coworker and I thankfully escaped, free to laugh as loudly as we could.

*Not exact conversation as too busy holding in laughter
**Further research (against will) has revealed this to be "pantalette". SFW, I think.