Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Thought Project: Week 2

What is the one trait or characteristic that you think your friends find most distinctive about you?


once, in religion class, our prof wrote various sentences with specific qualities ("nagagandahan ako sa yo," "magaling kang magdala ng problema," "alam kong malayo ang mararating mo.") and asked us to write each sentence on a piece of paper. then he asked us to give each piece of paper to anyone in the class whom they think fits that specific trait.

i was surprised to find that i got a lot of "magaling kang magdala ng problema." (bakit ba hindi na lang yung "nagagandahan ako sa yo" yung binigay sa kin?!) and time and again, even after that class activity, friends have been telling me the same thing.

i found it surprising. actually, i still do, because i don't feel like i do carry my problems well. the scandalous shoutfest i had with my mom and numerous breakdowns attest to that. but maybe they told me that because they rarely saw me shed a tear or lose my temper (though i think that has changed now, for some of you).

true, i do tend to mask my emotions, especially when i'm around a lot of people. i can smile even when sad, laugh even when i'm boiling mad. but i don't feel that that qualifies as "magaling magdala ng problema." you're just hiding it, it still hovers over you everywhere you go.

i actually think it's better when you show the world how you're feeling. that, to me, is effective "pagdadala ng problema," because you do carry it around for the world to see, and not be ashamed that you do have it. accepting it and just letting the problem be a problem actually helps, as opposed to keeping it, and pretending it doesn't exist.

- Djong

My one trait? I think I'm incredibly stubborn and prone to following my heart. Not impulsively, mind you, but after long thought and much discussion with good friends :)

- Pats, woman without a blog

Trust a former editor in chief to go from philosophy to slam-book in one breath.

I called this a "dangerous question", because really, it is. How you answer it says a lot about you. Where does the sincerity end and arrogance begin? Should it be answered in a cynical, self-deprecating manner, exuding false modesty and caustic wit? What if you have no friends? Or what if you sincerely think that none of them like you enough to call you a "friend" and you're just being presumptuous.

Sigh. I guess stalling won't work, and I already did the whole "ignore the question" routine once.

I guess I'll be pretty straighforward: If I had to identify it, I guess I'd call myself a "saccharine" friend. Not "saccharine" as in "sickeningly sweet" (eeew), but "saccharine" as in "substitute". Bits and pieces of your bestest friends (in the whoooooooole world) somewhat diluted for a experience that is almost as good as original, but with less calories.

I'd like to think I have a healthy sense of humor, but nowhere near as entertaining and charming as Bryan. I've been called "sensible" once or twice, but it's a well-known fact that I am at the very bottom rung of the Sense department, compared to the various members of my family. I can be practical, but lack the innate pragmatism, bedside manner and groundedness of engineers like Gerwin. As far as passionate or starry-eyed goes, I can keep up with, but rarely inspire, the way Djong, Koryn, or Zane can. And maybe there's some faint ember of intelligence lodged between my ears, but Sarah, Therese, Les, and Brian run rings around me in a manner that is most astounding. There may be some romance in my veins, but it pales in comparison to such paragons of Male Virtue like Ejay (who incidentally, updates his blog even less than Sarah does! It's criminal, I tell you).

I won't even go into the Good Looks department (there's a reason I am the only guy from my high school circle of friends not picked as a "Most Eligible Southridge Bachelor" on Friendster).

I know I criticized the whole "self-deprecation" thing, but I'm not doing it on purpose (well, maybe just a teeny-tiny bit). It's just, you know, you realize you have this amazing collection of people whom you consider friends, and you tend to ask yourself "Jumping Jimminy Cricket, what DO they see in me, anyway?"

I don't really know. I'd like to my "saccharine"-ness is a result of all these great people rubbing off on me, and I get to share that with everyone else.

Or it could be 'cause I give really good hugs.

Or maybe because my house used to be a regular Booze Joint. Yeah, that's probably it.

(did any of that make any sense at all?!?)

- Jon Z.

Well, that's an easy question - I'm probably the nerdiest person they ever met! I'm never without a book in hand and a recommendation for obscure bands.

Honestly, though, I have no idea. I'm a lot of things to different people. I can be quiet to some people, and outrageously bubbly with others. I suppose the closest trait I can say that's quite distinctive to me is the ability to read anywhere. I read at parties, at debuts, at gimmicks - to be specific, I've been videotaped reading at a friend's debut and a friend of mine has caught me sneaking in a few pages while relaxing in a bar. It's just something that I've never seen as ridiculous, at least from my point of view. I'm easily restless, and I need something to do. I'm quite aware of people having laughs over it, and I don't mind. Not much, anyway.

Oh, and I also steal food. Chocolate, to be specific. Djong has never let me forget it.

- Sarah

UPDATE: 21 November 2006, 7:51 PM

Ha ha! this is fun. it really depends on which friend. isn't it interesting how we reveal only certain parts of ourselves to certain friends, and bare it all to some? =D

anyhoo, they will probably report that i am a whatever-goes kind of girl, a cowboy with stuff in her head :)

- Zane